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This Year's Theme


Insignificant: too small or unimportant to be worth consideration

We use that word to usually describe something that, in the grand scheme of things, just doesn’t matter.When we read a story, we may gloss right over a detail that seems odd or out of nowhere. Doesn’t it just grind your gears when, chapters later, you find out that detail is HUGE!! How about when we first meet a character that we write off as a nobody? Then we find out later that they come in to save the day! How did we miss that??

We don’t always see the big picture right away. It takes some time and further exploration to see the value that each detail or person has to a story. Consider that thought when you look at the greatest story ever told.

There are so many truly extraordinary people that we read about in the Bible. However, sometimes they get written off as “insignificant.” Chances are, there is someone truly extraordinary reading this right now who may not see the part they have to play in the spreading of the gospel. You may even think yourself to be “insignificant.” Consider this... 

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” — Ephesians 2:10

The story of the Bible — the gospel of Jesus Christ — shows that...

you were made for something


Professor Lecturing on Stage

SOAR Schedule


Friday night, groups will check in and kick off the event by worshipping together.


Saturday will be filled with songs, engaging break-out sessions, fun, and worship.


Sunday is a large audience worship to close out the event.

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Clark Sims

Clark Sims is a preacher and elder at the North Tuscaloosa Church of Christ, which was a church planted in 2015 by the Cottondale Church of Christ. Clark preached at Cottondale from 1999–2015. He is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University and the University of Alabama. Clark and Tracie have been married for 29 years. They have four children and a baby granddaughter. They enjoy spending time together, traveling, and sports, including a love for their precious Crimson Tide. They have also just been introduced to the wonderful world of grandparenting, which has occupied a great deal of time and given a lot of joy!

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Jon Podein

Jon is currently the Minister of Outreach and Engagement at the Calhoun Church of Christ in Calhoun, GA. He often leads worship at many major church/youth events all over the southeast. Jon is involved in many events/groups that help support and train our teens. Jon is the Vice President for the Ministry League Leadership team. He is on the Board for Exposure Youth Camp and IN2 Global. Jon also works with Lads 2 Leaders.

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Jon Podein
Todd Gay

Auburn Chason

Blaine Chason

Page Clayton

Byran Dent

J.L. Dockins

Savannah Dockins

Jacob Dunaway

Jamie Farr

Jason Green

Jeremy Hinote

Mike Howard

Anna Maynard

Justin Maynard

Caleb McGaugy

Ben McGreevy

Wesley Storks

Ronnie West

Mike Whisenant

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